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Mortgage Loan Experts connects consumers with home mortgage loans online for buying, refinancing, cash out and home construction. Our lenders are approved to offer FHA, VA and HARP mortgage loans. Whether you need streamline mortgages for interest rate reductions, our government mortgage loan lenders provide unique opportunities from federally backed programs. In addition, MLE extends a variety of financing options like second mortgage loans, no cost mortgage loan programs, Home Affordable Refinance and the streamline refinance.

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Discount Mortgage Loans

Home Mortgage Loan – Buying a home is significant move in most people’s lives. Home mortgage shopping online requires discernment and loan disclosure comparison.

Mortgage Loan Refinancing – This popular process allows homeowners to renegotiate their interest rates for lower payments.

VA Mortgage Loans - These home loans are for military veterans only. VA loan benefits offer purchase money loans with no money down. VA streamline mortgages enable Vets to refinance with no appraisal or income documentation. Fixed VA mortgage rates are more popular than ever.

FHA Mortgage Loan - Home financing is simplified with FHA. 1st time homeowners and experienced home buyers a like only need 3.5% down when taking out a new government insured purchase mortgage.

Suddenly, government mortgage loans dominate the real estate financing world. FHA has introduced several new foreclosure prevention products, like the FHA mortgage loan with Hope for Homeowners that ensures for fixed rate refinancing.

The Department of Housing Development announced last week that they would be selling high risk mortgages that were not performing well. A HUD spokesman said they would be selling FHA mortgages that were delinquent and in jeopardy of defaulting.

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Almost twelve years ago a group of lenders banded together in an effort to create a mortgage company that provided friendly service and superior mortgage loan rates to qualified borrowers online. Our lending specialists provide low cost home mortgage refinancing for people with A through D credit. Borrowers can choose from interest only, fixed rate and FHA mortgage loans.

Currently, the average rate on a 30-year mortgage loan with a fixed rate dropped to 4% which is nearly half a point lower than last week's average interest rates reported by the Wall Street Journal. Prime, VA and FHA rates continue to drive this market as consumers have strayed from subprime and hard money lending.

The 2nd mortgage and jumbo mortgage loan markets have tightened considerably. Home equity programs have vanished as property values continue to struggle in most states. If borrowers need money then they need to get with cash out refinance loans, rather than the traditional route of taking out an equity line. With traditional loan companies, second mortgage loans are typically not available to borrowers who do not have over twenty percent equity in their home. Getting approved for a bad credit second mortgage is not realistic in today's market, but things could change quickly when banks start backing risky loans again.

Government mortgage loans continue to dominate the home financing sector in 2012 and look to be a force in 2013 and beyond. VA and FHA mortgage loan products have now helped millions of consumers become homeowners.

Besides the HARP 2.0, the FHA streamline was the hottest loan product this summer, because HUD overlooks value when refinancing existing FHA mortgages. No appraisal is required with streamline mortgage loan program. This program does not need ask for income documentation if you already have a FHA mortgage that you are not late on.

Credit scores continue to play a major role in eligibility for most mortgage loan refinancing products in the private and public sectors. Private money refinance loan products are predicted to make a comeback in 2013 adding more stability to the market.

We have had a few crazy years in the mortgage loan industry. Property value declines and rising foreclosures rates hit epidemic proportions causing chaos for lending underwriters and homeowners seeking an approval for a mortgage refinance loan.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced the HARP 2.0 with aggressive guidelines changes like no loan to value caps on refinancing.

FHA responded with a pricing reduction on mortgage premiums and similar guidelines on the streamline refinance.

Jumbo mortgage loan rates finally fell. This has helped thousands of homeowners in high cost regions like California, Florida and New York refinance into a more affordable fixed rate mortgage loan.

As a result, the market responded positively as consumers and Mortgage For the first time in 2012, mortgage rates declined to their lowest levels ever. The government bailout of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stimulated Wall Street and federal banks to respond with swift rate cuts.

This financial announcement sent shock wave globally that the U.S. would intervene in the troubled lending companies which strengthened the dollar and sent long-term mortgage rates down.

"When you see rates go down nearly half a point in one day, people notice," said Joey Hansen, a mortgage broker in the Apex, N.C. "I think we've entered a new world. The confidence restored in world markets will last for a while."

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"Our home value dropped and we kept getting turned down from lenders when requesting quotes for refinance rates. Our credit was perfect but because our mortgage was underwater, no company would help us until we were referred to the Mortgage Loan Experts. Our loan officer, Julie, took the time to understand our situation and then guided us through a unique government refinance program, called the HARP mortgage. They contacted Freddie Mac and verified our eligibility as well. This loan helped us save almost $600 a month and we greatly appreciate their hard work.
- T. Reeves- Chicago, IL

"My husband lost his job and we were late on the mortgage payments for a few months. Jimmy found a new job that even paid more, but mortgage lenders and our local banks, kept turning us down because of our credit. I had almost given up when a friend recommended I visit the financing website of the Mortgage Loan Experts. My expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised as we were approved for a FHA mortgage refinance that even allowed us to consolidate some old high rate credit cards. We were able to lower our monthly loan payments by almost $700 and we secured a fixed interest rate as well. Needless to say, my story ended well. Thank you MLE!"
- S. Williams- Raleigh, NC

My credit cards were killing me every month and I just received word that my minimum payments were going to double each month! I felt tapped from my debt and I did not think I would be approved for refinancing because of my credit was damaged and my fico scores were considered low. After applying with Mortgage Loan Experts, I was approved in minutes and received my good faith estimate and disclosures in the next 48 hours. My VA mortgage loan closed in a few weeks and I was even able to skip a mortgage payment!
- R. Lanigan - Tampa, FL

Mortgage Loan Experts helped us avoid foreclosure by finding us a refinance loan, even with our low credit scores. We struggled for months trying to find lenders that would take a chance on us. Our loan payments went down and we are saving almost $600 a month with our more affordable mortgage loan. Thanks MLE!
- F. Jackson - San Jose, CA