FHA is not just for new home buying applicants. They offer refinancing in addition to home financing choices. The rates are affordable and the fees are very reasonable.

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FHA Mortgage Loans

For many years, the Federal Housing Administration has been helping people finance houses. The FHA was created to help new home buyers and troubled homeowners who are facing foreclosure or adjustable rate hikes. FHA mortgages are safe and secure with fixed terms ranging from 15 to 30 years. New home buyers only need 3% of the purchase price and lenders allow gift funds for down-payments. Our FHA representatives are authorized to provide reduced cost FHA loans for people with A through D credit.

The Federal Housing Authority and Congress recently injected some bold home financing initiatives with a strong economic stimulus package that was passed by Bush. Another benefit of financing with a FHA mortgage loan is that the credit guidelines for a first time borrower are not as strict as conforming loans issued by Fannie Mae. If you have had any credit issues in the past or have limited credit, then FHA is a great road to travel.

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Loan Experts recommends 30-year fixed mortgages for first time home buyers because the rate is fixed and the amortization schedule is set up to maximize the affordability of the monthly payment.

FHA Home Mortgage Loan -
FHA provides fair lending and easy financing. 1st time homeowners and experienced home buyers a like only need 3% down when taking out a new government insured purchase mortgage. The mortgage insurance is minor and the credit requirements are extremely forgiving.